Our Story
Art’s Tamales have been proudly made in the Peoria area for over 75 years. They were first sold in 1932 by Art Knutsen. His wife, along with another woman, hand made the tamales in their kitchen where Art loaded them directly into his pushcart to be sold on Peoria’s southside. In Mexican culture the making of tamales has become a centerpiece of family and community. Loved ones gather to create these delectables for special holidays as a way to spend quality time together. Here at Art’s Tamales, we are proud to carry on the tradition of bringing the family together for meal time.
The Tamale

Tamales are an original American food dating back to as early as 7000 B.C. It’s not certain whether Aztec, Mayan, or Incan culture first created the dish, but the word itself is derived from the Aztec language. Although the ingredients have changed throughout the years, the basic idea has remained a constant to this day.

Here at Art’s, we make a version of the tamale that is a little more modern than its ancient ancestors. It’s often referred to as a Mississippi or Delta tamale. It’s thought that Mexican migrant workers in the 20th century brought this style of tamale with them, and it was gradually adapted by their fellow workers with the ingredients that were widely available in that area. Since then, they have spread across the United States.

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